Felix Da Housecat; Sound Nightclub; City of Angels-LA

“No one’s as good as me, they just got better marketing schemes.” – Immortal Technique (Industrial Revolution) ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and nobody was sleeping, not even a mouse. I found myself dancing, in the welcoming arms of true House. I was told that it had been three years, (3) Fucking Years since I’ve was […]

A New Name Brings a New Game (2009 v 2014)

In 2009, the electronic scene was making noise and cutting like a chainsaw, today it operates much smoother, but still sharp like a razor. This post focuses on three artist, who at that time operated heavy like a chainsaw, but have changed their name and are cutting sharp like a razor. (I’m really trying to […]

Dylan Rhymes Gets Salty One More Time

What hasn’t been done by Dylan Rhymes? An early pioneer of UK Tech Funk, he grew up in the 90s kicking out some of my favorite tracks. Alongside such personalities as Elite Force, Meat Katie and Lee Coombs, he has built quite a few careers during his captaining of LOT49 with Meat Katie. His recent […]

Daft Punk : Random Access Memories [A Bopper Review]

Written by longtime Bopper Rumevari, we think this is an extremely well done review (along with some edits for readability by myself). And you may learn something, too. People have asked for my thoughts on the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories. Just so it’s finally out there, here you go. I feel it’s […]

Review: French electro becomes undead in Kavinsky’s OutRun

It’s no mystery that Paris, FR is a treasure trove of electronic music goodness with artists like Daft Punk & Justice representing. Another great electro mastermind is Kavinsky, an artist who has performed with both of the aforementioned artists. Hopefully, you’re already familiar with him from his 2006 debut EP, Teddy Boy; or more recently his […]

Thee Man – Thee Legend – Thee Cat

Felix da Housecat is returning after a little bit of a hiatus, as he’s been globe hoppin’ and track makin’ and he’s arrived to drop the latest creations onto the world! I’ve taken some time in posting about it, because I knew the internet would already be abuzz with postings. But let’s delve into what’s up with Papa Fe, shall we?

If our love is Tragedy, Why are you my Remedy?

The Pope has announced his retirement, but it is only the beginning of Clarity! Zedd stamped his own seal of approval on this remix, while he introduced it as a world-wide preview via BBC Radio 1. Since that day I’ve desperately scoured the interwebz for anything more than the teasing 1-2 minute samples via Soundcloud […]

Knife Party live (Sat Feb 2nd) via Mixmag TV

TUNE IN: http://www.youtube.com/mixmagtv At 5pm PST Knife Party goes live! As we wait for Knife Party to destroy and kick this Saturtday into action, via the interubes online mix performance, I’d like to take a second and express my appreciation of all things Knife and Party. Knife Party had me at ‘Internet Friends’ With their […]

On The Radar

This week I’d like to kick down a quick peek at some of my favorite up and coming artists that are on my radar!  I always love hearing what these guys are working on! First up, Alex Sychosis, solid bangers every time straight outta Oakland!  Always fresh and constantly working on new tunes, it’s my […]

Mercurius FM Mondays V5: House Will Never Die

“The common element of house is a prominent kick drum on every beat (also known as a four-on-the-floor beat), usually generated by a drum machine or sampler.” That’s what Wikipedia defines as House Music. Let’s check it out. Child In Disguise – Feels So Good Another surprise from OWSLA. Not sure who Child In Disguise […]