Sharooz' – La Bombe, Phonat, Sonic C & Opptimo

Welcome to the weekend! For those of you in Los Angel Leese- I heard the Dada Life show was shut down last night (Friday Nov 5th, 2010) at Hollywood’s Avalon – due to ‘that darn Fire Marshall.’ Hungry kids in LA, lets stop getting shows shut down OK? Promoters and Hosts, stop overbooking your shows greedy bastards. Who else is left to blame?

Opptimo – Travellers EP (La Bombe) by nathantayloronline

Anyways here is the positive stuff, the good news, the TUNES. Bopper favourites: Sharooz and Phonat are at it again, this time more tracks from Sharooz’ very own La Bombe label. We’ve heard the Saccharian (SonicC remix before, but here it is streaming again. But this time for the enjoyment and pleasure of all, a Sharooz original track: ‘Rapture.’

[wpaudio: url=”″ dl=”0″ text=”Sharooz – Rapture”]

Soundcloud here: [ Click here ]

Now Opptimo has a new release on La Bombe and Phonat gets a crack at a remix. His remix is sure to give those eardrums and audiphilies a nice mindgasm. Lable boss Sharooz has a very own edit on the release too!

Check out all of the songs on the soundcloud player and look for that Beatport release November 8th!

5EYA – ‘As Its Loud EP’ by nathantayloronline

And just when you thought I wouldn’t be sharing anymore, we have 5EYA ‘As Its Loud EP’ available for stream as well as a remix by Tom Flynn for Bopper pleasures to download!