Bassnectar – Wildstyle EP [Review]

Released by: Amorphous // Music Oct 19th 2010

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Loren aka Bassnectar takes nostalgic melodies & styles and transforms them into modern pleasures. Whether its remixing the classic rock/metal I grew up on, Metallica, to creating original tracks with that sound or diving into the underground raw hip hop of the Bay, Bassnectar always comes in smashing it all to pieces with his unique dubby basssssss!

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A couple tracks including the first two on Wildstyle EP focus more on that Hip Hop aspect I love, but it’s NOT Hip Hop. And just as I’m about to nail Bassnectars’ style down, Loren throws a curveball, the third track: ‘Falling ft. Paper Machete.’ Its got the spacey vibes of Radiohead, that I love, with the trailing vocals to match, but when that bass kicks the unique sound can only be one!

‘808 Track ft. Mighty High Coup,’ is catchy as hell, I already see the crowd moshing and singing along! There is a more Housey feel to ‘Underwater ft. Tina Malia’ but again Bassnectar SLAMS us with the Bass!

This EP reeks of Bassnectars’ diversity as an artist, switching up styles and tempos, hitting us softer and harder than ever simultaneously! And although a few tracks may have similar moments, each one is uniquely its’ own and there is no overuse or abuse of sounds and samples, its’ 100% Fresh!

Wildstyle EP by Bassnectar

Seven Tracks, some would say that it isn’t enough, but the playback ability on this EP is great and the greedy fans are always going to starve themselves for more even when they are more than satisfied. A well balanced release guaranteeing to have a favorite song for everyone. Softer tones of ‘Fun with Synthesizers’ and catchy vocals in ‘Underwater,’ as well as an anthem cheering ‘808 track.’

Enough of my own opinons, catch it for yourself: [Purchase]